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Are you looking for a job?

Don Nosbaum, a member of CCAH, works for a non-profit called Business and Career Services, Inc. BCS works with other organizations to assist job seekers and employers. Don wants you to be aware of multiple resources that are available at no charge.


Have you been laid off through no fault of your own or have special circumstances such as low income, low skills, disability, homelessness, veteran of the military, or have been incarcerated for a felony? Access to help is available through the link below:

or click on this button:

Select "Get Started" then "Job Seeker". Fill out the on-line application. You will be contacted regarding the next step. Don is available to help you navigate resources in the website and how to get the best advantage out of them.

If you would like Don to contact you, please call or email the church with your contact information.

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